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How we work at Yumagic Media
The process of an audiovisual project

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Work process Yumagic Media
We help you to find the best idea to showcase your business, adapting to any need you might have. We´ll capture that idea with emotion, creativity and enthusiasm.
The idea is transmitted and passed along through the planning process. Each and every step will be outlined and timed before the real action begins
Recording and production
Once the project is planned and approved, the recording process begins. Here, we record picture and audio which will be included in the audiovisual project.
Editing and post-production
Once the scenes have been recorded, the material obtained in the production is collected, selected and organized. Afterwards, all sorts of effects and touch-ups are applied.
We ensure that the final result of the audiovisual project meets all your needs and expectations, and that you are fully satisfied with the end product.
Following the supervision and approval process, we proceed to deliver the audiovisual piece in the most convenient formats for you.
Audiovisual Servicies

Discover what Yumagic Media can do for you

Direct and online broadcasting of events through live streaming: Presentations, exhibits, conferences, meetings, interviews, congresses, press conferences, etc.

Solidify your company image through Corporate Videos to boost and strengthen your brand within its specific sector.

We produce Training and Instructional Videos for companies (tutorial videos) and video capsules for e-learning platforms (online training system).

We offer you quality and personalized content for all your Social Network accounts. We´ll help increase the visibility of your networks and keep your accounts active with regular updates.

When it comes to digital post-production, we are experts in the Motion Graphic technique. We combine 2D and 3D images and with some help from computer software are able to create animated videos of all different sort.

An image can say a lot about you. We help you build trust and promote your business’ brand and image through photographic reports.

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