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Audiovisual technology has come a long way in recent years; so much so that today you can turn your event into a live television program and broadcast it on a chosen channel to your entire audience.

This way, you eliminate the need for the public to attend the event in person. As well as being able to follow the event online through platforms such as Zoom or Youtube (amongst others), your audience will be able to ask questions, register, etc.

Even if a member cannot attend the event in person, he or she can take part remotely , interacting face-to-face in real time with the other attendees.


Process of a Streaming

Streaming live broadcast of your event
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We’ll analyze your case and choose the best way to broadcast your event, adapting to each and every one of your needs.
Technical visit
In the days preceding the event we´ll go to your facilities to make sure that all technical requirements are met.
Broadcast channel
There are many different broadcast channels (YouTube, Zoom, etc.) and each provides different advantages and disadvantages. We will help you choose the best one depending on your event´s specifications.
On the day of the event, we will arrival several hours in advance to ensure that everything goes perfectly.
Live and direct
A variety of different cameras and a director will help make sure that your online event looks just like a movie.

Technical Equipment for Streamings

The number of cameras will vary depending on your needs, but we always recommend a minimum of two for a broadcast rich in detail.
We regularly test our equipment to guarantee that live shows flow perfectly.
Some requirements are essential in order to retransmit the Streaming. During the technical, visit we´ll make sure that the technical demands are met to guarantee signal stability and broadcasting. In the case we aren’t able to guarantee this, we will provide the connection through Bonding.
The sound quality during a Streaming is extremely important, therefore, we not only make sure that the type of microphones is chosen specifically for your event, but that the entire sound system is also tested beforehand to ensure excellent sound distribution.
Depending on the specifics of each event, we decide on which accessories might need to be added. You may need extra lighting, screens, speakers...
Streaming live broadcast of your event

Why hire our Streaming services?

Greater visibility
Thanks to Streaming, your event will reach the whole world in real time, allowing you to expand your potential audience.
You will have a television-ready production of your event to watch whenever and wherever you want. Once finished, you will have the opportunity to monetize it.
Choosing to do a Streaming is a very economical decision. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save on expenses like travel, hotels and meals?
Booming format
Streaming is a format that has not stopped growing in recent years. Most events today are done by using streaming services.
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