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Productora cinematográfica audiovisual Barcelona especializada en la producción y postproducción de todo tipo de vídeos para particulares y empresas.

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Production of Advertising Videos

We cover the entire process of audiovisual projects of advertising promotional videos so that you can be completely unconcerned and focus on seeing how it develops and your expectations are fulfilled, always following the guidelines and objectives set by the client. We have collaborators and suppliers in the different departments that allow us to make any kind of idea and shoot advertising and marketing videos.


Preparation and planning of the strategy of action and of the steps to follow in the whole process of production and development of the shoot, always oriented to the needs of each client and the target audience to which we are going.

Recording and Obtaining Content

We take care of the entire audio-visual production process aimed at the realization of advertising videos for companies of products and services. We have all the production material necessary to convey your idea in the best possible way.

Production and Realization

Always starting with the client’s requirements and the main idea to be transmitted, we will convert the audiovisual material obtained in the recording advertising video in a clear and concise message aimed at captivating the public and distinguishing us from the competition.

Digital Postproduction

In the last phase of the production of advertising videos , we will perform all those tasks related to the editing and digital retouching of videos in terms of image and sound, thus giving the final aspect desired.

“We specialize in the audiovisual production of promotional videos and advertising videos for companies , both brand image and product presentation.”

Promotional videos

These promotional videos for companies have an advertising purpose oriented to marketing objectives through online platforms and media such as television or cinema. These are the steps to follow for the production of quality advertising videos :

  • Transmit through the creation and production of advertising videos the idea and slogan of our clients in an original way.
  • The importance of communication with the client and the study of the product.
  • Search for new formats according to the idea.
  • Search the relevance and interest of the contents.
  • We take the most human side and closest to the consumer, a video with which you can feel identified and that makes the viewer thrill.
Empresa producción vídeos publicitarios Barcelona

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