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Production of Corporate Videos

At yuMagic Productions we make corporate videos for companies in an economical and fast way, always adjusting to the requirements of each client. We have all the equipment both human and material to carry out in the best possible way the entire audiovisual production process of the corporate video or promotional video of your business, from preproduction and recording to editing and final touches. We have the ideal recording equipment for high definition videos FULL HD.

[themeone_icon_txt title=”Corporate image” position=”left” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”business-venn-diagram”]Strengthen your company image through the creation of corporate videos that will give strength and confidence to your brand within the sector in which it is located.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Internal Communication Projects” position=”left” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-bullet-list”]We make videos for companies oriented to the own workers and to all the internal personnel or implied in the operation of the business so much to motivate as to inform.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Advertising Videos” position=”left” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”media-pic-fields”]We specialize in the comprehensive production of advertising promotional videos to publicize or advertise products or services both in the media and on the Internet.[/themeone_icon_txt]
[themeone_icon_txt title=”Events recording” position=”left” color=”accent-color1″ icon=”general-megaphone”]We have an expert team together with all the necessary material for the recording of events, whether public or private, also offering the option of live streaming online via streaming.[/themeone_icon_txt]

“Tell us what type of corporate video you need and we will advise you to get the best possible audiovisual piece.”

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