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Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos are one of the best ways to bring your brand to the public. At Yumagic Media we produce Corporate Videos, always accommodating to the client’s needs, taking into account the budget and their goals. We have available to us all the technical equipment in order to realize the entire audiovisual production process.

At Yumagic Media Media we stay up to date with the newest audiovisual technology. We have 4K cameras and cinematographic-grade lenses that offer us cinemalike quality. Our arsenal also includes a variety of devices that allow us to give dynamism to the video through movement. With the help of our drones, we´re able to record from unreachable heights and obtain astonishing aerial views.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos Process

Corporate Videos and Advertising
We analyze your case and choose the best way to express the essence of your business, company or personal brand.
We will develop a creative idea that will take shape through Storytelling and script building. In the days leading up to the shoot, we´ll make a technical visit to the location to ensure that all technical requirements are met. From there, we will create a Storyboard that will allow us to map out the shooting process.
On the day of the filming, our entire technical and artistic team will be at your disposal so that everything runs as smooth as possible.
During this stage, we meet in the editing room to reorganize all the gathering material from the shooting and create the video that will eventually be presented to the public. This covers the assembly of scenes, music selection, post-production audio, voice-over recording with announcer, graphic or VFX integration and finally, color grading.
In the delivery, the various formats in which the project is available will be specified. We work with formats to be used with any type of Social Media platform or video.
Corporate Videos

Why use our Corporate Videos service?

Better visibility
These types of videos will increase your business’ visibility on the internet and help deliver your message to potential clients.
Strengthen your brand
Enhance your brand by improving your business´ market image. Help define your identity and communicate it to consumers.
Inspire confidence
By showing the face of your business to your clients, you help to humanize it. This will provide and inspire greater trust that your customers have in you.
Commercial value
A well-executed Corporate Video has immense conversion power. If done correctly, the visual impact can help turn strangers into new, loyal clients.
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