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Motion Graphics

At Yumagic Media we’re experts in Motion Graphics, an audiovisual technique that allows us to communicate your message both visually and educationally. We develop, design and animate all sorts of Motion Graphics in 2D and 3D for companies as well as individuals. These include corporate presentations, advertising, videos for social media networks, product videos, animated branding, etc.

At Yumagic Media we can help your project make an impact by providing you with the best audiovisual presentation available. Our mission is to bring your idea and message to life by using an attractive, dynamic and enlightening method. Thanks to the 2D and 3D animations you will be able to communicate in a clear, direct and captivating way.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Process

Motion Graphics
We search for the ideal formula to transmit your idea with emotion, creativity and enthusiasm.
We develop a script in order to tell your story through animated graphics, by using either an animated character’s voice or an external narrator through voiceover. Once the script is finished, and based on your corporate identity, we carefully design the characters and surroundings in your video.
We create a storyboard of each scene, drawing it up shot by shot. This is the most powerful tool in presenting your project in the most visually appealing sense.
In this phase we bring the characters to life through animation. We integrate audio, montage, camera movements, text animation, sound effects and music.
We’ll deliver your Motion Graphics video in whichever final formats you might need. In addition, we can include different locutions and/or add subtitles to your video.
Motion Graphics

Why use our Motion Graphics service?

Greater visibility
These kinds of videos will help make you stand out against your closest competitors and showcase your products to potential future clients.
Commercial value
The dynamic quality of these videos will help add commercial value to your brand. They´re the perfect tool for capturing your customers attention without the need for a live-action advertisement.
Visual impact
A visually attractive format is created by applying a combination of different artistic disciplines. These videos will never go out of style.
One-of-a-kind videos
These videos will showcase your unique style, making you stand out against your competition. There are no limits when it comes to Motion Graphics.
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