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Training Videos

Training Videos are a format that has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. The operation is quite simple: A person explains a concept to the camera while behind the speaker there is a chroma key where, in post-production, images and/or texts will be added as a way of reinforcing the message.

This format allows you to make training capsules in order to help your audience understand a concept.

At Yumagic Media we specialize in Training Videos. By using our own inhouse set, we´re able to cut costs and make the recording process that much easier.

Training Videos

Training Video Process

Training Videos and Capsules
If mobility is an issue, don´t worry, we´ll come to you. Our inhouse set can be assembled right in your office.
We work to find the most suitable cameras for your video to ensure that image quality is never an issue.
We use clip-on lavalier microphones which are ideal for these projects. Due to its proximity to the speaker, they guarantee the best sound by reducing any interfering outside noise.
Read a text without the audience ever noticing. Ensure that you give the exact message you want by eliminating the fear of spacing out.
Our video editor then heads to our inhouse editing room where they’ll mix the entire image. The workflow system with which we work allows us to finish the project in a very short amount of time.
Training Videos

Why use our Training Videos services?

Get your message across
Using recorded videos allows you to do as many takes as you see fit, to ensure that your message is exactly how you want it.
Sales and distribution
Spread your message to a larger audience. Turn your online courses into training capsules and boost your attendance numbers.
Greater visibility
Your product’s visual appeal will leave a lasting impression on viewers, helping to shape how they perceive, use, and remember it.
Inspire confidence
By showing the face of your business to your clients, you help to humanize it. This will provide and inspire greater trust that your customers have in you.
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