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Productora cinematográfica audiovisual Barcelona especializada en la producción y postproducción de todo tipo de vídeos para particulares y empresas.

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Recording and Retransmission of Events

We take care of the recording special events and events of all kinds, both private and public so they can be saved and displayed at any time, doing it in the most adjusted format for each specific case. We make video reports and video clips of events of any kind, doing a later work of digital postproduction to obtain a high quality final production.

Recording Events and Acts

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the audiovisual world, we carry out the recording of events and events of all kinds in Barcelona. We take care of the entire process of recording and producing event videos from start to finish.

Recording of Meetings and Conferences

We cover all acts of professional business in terms of live recording of videos for companies and conducting photo shoots for meetings </em >, meetings, conferences, congresses, fairs, and other special events.

Live Broadcasting via Streaming

If you wish we can record your event and broadcast it in streaming in real time through your internet channel, so that other people can see and follow it from other places while this It is taking place. It offers users of your channel live online viewing with high quality and professionalism so that no detail is lost.

Professional Photo Reports

In addition to the recording and production of videos for companies, we also offer our professional event photography service in order to cover all the audiovisual needs of the act in question, making at the same time a complete photographic report to immortalize in the best way the best moments of the ceremony.

“We specialize in recording and retransmission techniques for public and private events of all kinds.”

Live recording

At yuMagic we give you the best professional comprehensive service photography and recording of events, so that we cover all the audiovisual factors required by the participating companies. We record events and events of all kinds:

  • Special events and special events such as weddings, baptisms, farewells, etc.
  • Business events such as meetings, conferences, presentation events, etc.
  • Retransmission and recording of sporting events, fairs and congresses.
  • Real-time retransmission through your online channel through Streaming.
Grabación de eventos Barcelona

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