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Yumagic Media

Barcelona Audiovisual Productions

We’re more than just a Barcelona based Audiovisual Production Company with more than 8 years of industry experience. We´re your partners in adventure who´ll make the story you want to tell a reality.

We don´t travel alone, either. We’re accompanied by experts from the audiovisual industry such as screenwriters, cameramen, sound and lighting technicians, filmmakers, actors, make-up artists, artistic directors, and specialists in digital post-production.

We believe in the power of an idea, and with each idea we make magic, helping to light your path to success. Ideas that will excite, captivate, and connect you with your audience, giving your brand a true identity.


We’re a team of professionals, each member working in perfect harmony with one another. Together, we are capable of climbing the highest peak in order to achieve anything you might ask of us. Our philosophy is to work with emotion, creativity and enthusiasm.

If something represents us, it’s the ideas with which we lighten your path. As a team we have our values:

  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Versatility
  • Tenacity
You are the protagonist

Behind every story lies a great idea

At Yumagic Media, you´re the protagonist and we adapt to your needs in order to give you the best quality result.
We take your needs and turn them into an original and thoughtful idea, making sure that your product truly stands out amongst the rest.
We help draw out all the magic you have inside of you, bringing a distinct and unique touch to your project.
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Audiovisual Services

Specialists in audiovisual production and post-production of all types of videos and projects. In addition, we offer photographic session services and reports to promote your business and brand

Yumagic Media Team

Who’s hiding behind the camera

Dídac Cervera

CEO & Founder

He’s always looking toward new horizons and routes to explore in search of America. He believes that in another life he was a sailor.

Paula Jordan

CEO & Project Manager

A creative dreamer. She tells stories and captures emotions through the lens of her camera. You can always count on her to help light your way. "Loading".

Clara Germán


Organized, energetic and always with a smile on her face. Her life is like a musical: she dances between mailboxes while singing to you about budgets.

Adrià Cadena

Video Editor

Always between frames and timelines. If you look for him, he'll be in his cave. A firm believer of Hakuna Matata, even when he hears "don´t worry, that can be fixed in post-production”.

Miquel Jaume

Video Editor

He approaches each project as a new challenge to innovate and tell stories. Coming from the world of cinema, he works on his ideas with originality and creativity (and popcorn, of course!).

Marta Arévalo

Digital Marketing Manager

Content creator, branding, social media and Search Engine Optimization. She’s never without her good friend Google, she always wants to be on the first page.


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